Real Property Title Services and Abstracts

Crane Title, Inc. is dedicated to making real estate transactions seamless for our clients. We cover a large number of services, including title services and abstracts.

What is an abstract?

An abstract of title is the history of a parcel of land including a condensed record of the history of the property from the County Recorder’s office. This is important to protect real estate owners from past mistakes and irregularities as property has changed hands.

Why do I need an abstract of title?

An abstract of title is crucial in order to protect the property owner from a dispute of ownership. A simple mistake can cause the loss of ownership, if an abstract is not conducted. Most properties have had multiple ownerships therefore, multiple contracts. The more contracts a property has been in, the more risk for a dispute. Crane Title, Inc. is diligent and thorough in ensuring that you and your property are safe.

How do I protect myself?

Title Insurance is the best way to protect the most significant financial investment you will make. With most policies, insurance will cover the property for the extent of ownership, making it the easiest and most effective way to protect an investment.