We offer a full range of professional title services that can assist you at every step of a real estate transaction, with our knowledgeable team of experts and excellent customer service.

1031 Exchanges

1031 Exchanges

Avoid costly capital gains taxes and benefit your entire family with a 1031 exchange, a complicated process made easy with Crane Title, Inc.

Crane Title - Title Orders

Title Orders

Just like vehicles, no real estate transaction can be done without a title. With us, the legal process of transferring that title can be a breeze.

Crane Title - Mortgage Document Preparation

Mortgage Document Preparation

Closing on a home can be a strenuous and complicated process, with tons of documents that need to be processed correctly. We can help you sort out the process and ensure everything is in order.

Crane Title - For Sale By Owner

For Sale by Owner

Some people opt to forgo a real estate agent and conduct a FSBO instead, buying a home directly from the owner. We can help you sort the paperwork and make your transaction go smoothly.

Crane Title - Deeds


Deeds are legal documents that demonstrate ownership. They’re important, especially when ownership is changing hands. We can assist in ensuring that all of the legal requirements on the deed are met to allow the property to change hands.

Crane Title - Real Property Services and Abstracts

Real Property Title Services and Abstracts

An abstract of title displays a summary of the history of your property, and is important for many investors when they’re looking at a particular property. Our team can help you pull together the right information and make it look great.

Closing Cost Calculator, refinance calculator,

Title Fee Calculator

Title fees are part of the fees that you pay when you close on your new home.  Below is a helpful tool that can assist in helping to determine your title fees when working with Crane Title, Inc.